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Set for Life | Shepshed Personal Trainer | Save time

Loughborough personal trainer

more confidence
reduce stress
Set for Life | Loughborough Personal Trainer | Save time
Set for Life | Loughborough gym alternative

Quality over quantity


This is cutting-edge, time-saving, and affordable one-to-one personal training in the Loughborough area.


No matter what your circumstances are, the one resource we all have a limited amount of is time! Why waste your valuable time on the wrong kinds of exercise (that are surprisingly counter-productive) when there is a far more efficient and effective option available.



The appliance of
exercise science


This is the safest and most progressive form of resistance training, incorporating methods that studies have now shown to be the best ways to improve your health, fitness and appearance.


Depending on your ability, experience and goals, the 30 minute sessions of 6-10 exercises are performed just once or twice per week. Contact Gawain today, to arrange an introductory trial!

Set for Life | Get Fit, Healthy and Toned | Loughborough Personal Trainer
Set for Life | 30 Minutes | Loughborough Personal Trainer
Set for Life | 1-2 times per week | Loughborough Personal Trainer
Set for Life | Loughborough bootcamp alternative
Set for Life | Loughborough bootcamp alternative

Step 1:  Perform a variety of full-body exercises (both static and dynamic) to progressively activate muscle fibres, rapidly building strength and coordination.


Step 2:  Muscle tone and bone density improves, using the principle of ‘inroad’ (see the video above) to stimulate hormones to make positive adaptations.


Step 3:  Rest periods between exercises are gradually reduced, boosting cardiovascular fitness and keeping metabolism ticking over at a higher rate, 24/7.

Set for Life | Loughborough gym alternative
  • Boost the effects of a weight loss diet by preventing muscle wastage and metabolic slowdown.

  • Cut your risk of diseases, burn off stress, gain energy and build confidence.

  • And much, much more...

  • Eliminate the guesswork, with expert one-to-one coaching to help you look, move and feel better.

  • Tone up and get stronger all over (without the bulk) to build the best version of you.

Set for Life | Money back guarantee | Loughborough Personal Trainer

I'm so confident that this is the best and safest method of time-efficient exercise, that after 6 sessions, if you don’t feel that you have experienced improvements, you can have your money back.

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