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Personal Training
Price List & Packages

1 hour initial session:  FREE


This extended introductory session is an opportunity to chat about your exercise background, clarify any existing injuries or movement issues you might have, and for you to try out a variety of foundational exercises linked to your goals.

Please note that it is standard practice to complete a short Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire beforehand. This is to check that you do not have any conditions that may require advice from your GP. This form will be provided prior to your appointment and is also available on request.

Set for Life | Resistance Training | Loughborough Personal Trainer
Set for Life | 30 minutes a week | Loughborough Personal Trainer

Step 1:  Perform a variety of full-body exercises (both static and dynamic) to progressively activate muscle fibres, rapidly building strength and coordination.


Step 2:  Muscle tone and bone density improves, using the principle of ‘inroad’ (see the video on the home page) to stimulate hormones to make positive adaptations.


Step 3:  Rest periods between exercises are gradually reduced, boosting cardiovascular fitness and keeping metabolism ticking over at a higher rate, 24/7.

Set for Life | 3 steps to results | Loughborough Personal Trainer

Personal Training Rates


The Starter Programme

This discounted package consists of the 1 hour complimentary introductory session, then 6 x 30 minute sessions. Two sessions per week is the recommended frequency to kick-start the 'neuro-muscular' aspect of Step 1: £120


Additional discounted package options are available on completion of the Starter Programme.


Single one-off session rate (30 minutes): £25

Gift Vouchers


A Personal Training Voucher is a great way to treat your friends and family!


1 hour, then 6 x 30 minute sessions: £120


If your recipient decides that it's not for them, either before the first session, or following the 1 hour introduction, then a full refund will be provided.

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