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Set for Life | Testimonials | Loughborough Personal Trainer
Set for Life | Testimonials | Loughborough Personal Trainer

Gawain is skilled at motivating and gently encouraging without allowing you to be easy on yourself. The sessions are short but challenging. For me, the exercises have quickly brought benefits such as increased strength and muscle tone, improved posture, flexibility and balance. Everyday tasks are feeling easier and life doesn't seem quite so exhausting!  Kath*

I’ve been training with Gawain for about a month after being recommended by family members, and although I’d never tried resistance training before, I’m 100% persuaded by his methods. The sessions go by very quickly because each one is varied and challenging, and they completely outshine the classic cardio training I’d done in the past. Gawain encourages you to concentrate on slow, intense movements – correct posture and form are a priority – and I’ve got measurably stronger and fitter. I’d highly recommend Gawain’s training to anybody: he is very professional, careful, attentive, motivating and knowledgeable, so you feel you’re in a very safe pair of hands!  Marianne*

*Standard Disclaimer: These are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary.

"20 plus years of relatively sedentary office work, and the associated challenges of raising a family and dealing with life’s ups and downs had led to a pattern of comfort eating, resting and drinking which whilst seemingly therapeutic and enjoyable at the time was clearly having a negative impact on my health, with weight gain and general lethargy becoming the norm. I knew I needed to do something, but never got around to it, until Gawain introduced his Set for Life nutrition and fitness program to us. I think my wife and I were the ideal candidates…in our mid 40’s, having let ourselves go but knowing we needed to do something about it.


The program has been outstanding. My wife and I have seen fantastic progress. Gawain has tailored the nutrition and exercise to our individual needs and carefully managed the exercise sessions to sync with our increasing strength. Gawain is a superb coach - meticulous, encouraging, attentive and challenging...just the motivation we needed. My results have exceeded my expectations, I’ve now lost 3 stone and feel more confident in myself than I have for years. I feel more energetic and I’m seeing changes in my body shape. The weight loss has been gradual and the diet has been realistic, manageable and not too strict, providing a set of rules around which your create your own meals which can still include occasional treats! For me the workouts have been a revelation…you’re never to old to tone up and improve your strength…I will be taking my shirt off on holiday for the first time in years (much to the amusement of the rest of the family)!" John & Cath*

It is without doubt the best workout sessions I have ever been involved in. Now in my 30’s, I can say I have never felt as strong as I do now. Workouts in the past have had quick surface results, but with this, I can feel myself changing internally, building up, getting properly stronger. There is definite long term body benefits to this workout. Gawain has the perfect personality to push you further every time. I would thoroughly recommend training with Gawain to everyone. Conor*

I have been training with Gawain once a week for about 6 months now and I love it! The sessions are short enough to stay motivated throughout, but intense enough to feel like you’ve really worked hard. The exercises are slow and controlled movements which are really effective – I have definitely gained strength, stamina and muscle tone since beginning my workouts and it’s a great compliment to my yoga practice and has helped me in my strength postures there. Gawain is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about health and fitness, and spent time getting to know my goals, strengths and weaknesses to give tailored exercises, plus gives me the encouragement and motivation to push myself further than I think is possible each time. I would certainly recommend Set for Life without a doubt!  Melanie*

*Standard Disclaimer: These are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary.

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