A new alternative to the gym

Set for Life provides a unique personal training environment, with the combination of a dedicated 200 square foot home-based studio, directly opposite 200,000 square feet of playing fields!


The studio is free of the typical distractions and potential intimidation of a regular gym, and where absolute beginners can focus on their one-to-one sessions without feeling self-conscious.


With increased confidence and ability (and weather permitting!) the playing fields and surrounding countryside also makes for a great outdoors training environment.

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How do you define personal training?


There are many perceptions of what personal training actually is. In our case, we’re the ‘problem solving, motivational coach’ and certainly not the punishing drill instructor!


Your first session includes a postural and movement assessment, alongside recording other important physical data. We will then take into account your goals and design your programme, avoiding exercises that could aggravate an existing problem or cause you issues in future. Safety is always the first priority.


The fundamental core of our exercise prescription is resistance training. Recent studies and advances in biology are proving just how critical this is to overall health and fitness, especially as we get older. Don't worry if you've never done this before, we specialise in training absolute beginners!


For more details of the benefits that resistance training will give you (and for reassurance of what it won’t give you) please see the FAQs.