Most of us have owned a car that had to pass an MOT to ensure it met legal safety standards, alongside keeping it regularly serviced.

Book in for your Body MOT

and prepare to Transform!

The irony is, most people take far better care of their cars than themselves! You have to live in your body for life, so it’s well worth looking after it.

Our Body MOT consists of important measurements and markers not covered by standard clinical tests. This includes body composition, postural alignment, functional movement screening, joint mobility, strength, and a low intensity aerobic fitness test.

Please note that it is standard practice to complete a short Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire beforehand. This is to check that you do not have any conditions that may require advice from your GP. This form will be provided prior to your appointment and is also available on request.



To book your Body MOT, please get in touch by email or call Loughborough 01509 569281.

This comprehensive assessment is only £50 and takes about an hour. We will then provide a graphical follow-up presentation of your results, and explain what they mean for your current and future health.