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Welcome to the blog!

A very warm welcome, to the first official blog post! My goal is to present the latest in practical health and fitness information that provides long-term benefits, so that you're Set for Life. Pun definitely intended.

There is so much confusing and contradictory advice out there, it’s no wonder that most people only try something for the short-term (that is often unsuitable for their particular genetics or lifestyle) or their old habits hold them back.

The media regularly takes the latest health and fitness science and puts a sensationalist spin on it to attract attention. This is often amplified by clever marketing from the industry, whether it’s food, supplements, exercise routines, or fitness products. We now know that an awful lot of advice we’ve been given over the past few decades has actually been wrong, but it will take a lot of undoing and convincing the general population before the tide turns...

I want you to be well ahead of the crowd, having the right knowledge to sustainably lose fat, tone up, build confidence, lower stress, and much more! It’s all about building the best version of you.

Ahead of the crowd

Your feedback is much appreciated, and please let me know in the comments section, or by email, if there’s anything specific you would like covering.



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